Updates on Korean Buttercream flowers…practice makes perfect?

Well whatever skill that you learned must be practiced to improve & so you won’t forget it.. That’s what I did with the buttercream flowers… Lucky me, a friend was willing to let me make her mother’s birthday cake… So off I went & get all the ingredients to make the cake..

She requested for a red velvet cake as a base & a predominantly red theme for the cake deco..

Here’s the result … I’m proud of it actually. I also found that my style of flowers will not be the perfect, clean flowers of my teacher or other accomplished bakers, but it’s always going to be the perfectly imperfect flowers closer to nature… I like it… & very happy with the results..

The next day, my sister requested one for herself, well she invited relatives to the house for some laksa Johor & wanted a cake as well. I still have a layer of red velvet – I only make 3 layers for my friend’s cake, 4 would be too high with flowers on top for the cake box. So I bake a layer of carrot cake – easiest to bake in my opinion & have two different tasting layers of cake. It turned out to be a good combination too, tasted great..!! Here’s the result after decorating it with buttercream flowers…

  Visit my Ig for more images @omeiijoi

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