Fat Loss Challenge – food diary..

Okay…new year, new challenge… I want to lose the kilos I’ve put on since I got back to Putrajaya…😏. So, I’ve joined my sister’s 21 days fat loss challenge – with Herbalife. 

It will officially start on the 15th January & ends on 4th February. Yea..!!  That’s just a few days before my Birthday, so a fat loss or even inch loss would be the best Birthday present kann?

My sister made some suggestions on the meal I should take (aside from the meal replacent shake).. But I want to make my own choices of food & I’m sharing it here as a food diary so I could look back on it & see where I went wrong or right..

Once u register for the challenge, Herbalife would give you a bottle of F1  & a nice T-shirt to be used for ourfitness program including aquarobics or Zumba.. 

 Bersemangat tgk T-shirt cantik tu..!! God please give me strength of mind to stick with the program..!! 😁

Keep a look out at this page…there’re already high protein recipes in this blog which I’m going to do & refer to during this program… I’ll just add on new ones as I go along…

Good luck beb..!!!! 💪

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