Food diary – 14.1.17

I decided to start a day early, so here goes the food intake for 14.1.17

9 AM Breakfast – NW,  Shake (strawberry F1 + sekotak  susu prods strawberry + some plain water

11.00 AM Snack – sambal tauchu + tofu

2.30 PM Lunch – ayam Goreng berempah (paha) + 5 cocktail sausages + air sejuk

Didn’t have any snack

8.00 PM Dinner – air barli, dim sum (prawn & chicken Siew mai – Kulit dim sum tidak dimakan)

In between, drink lots of plain water..

The coach said the calories are not more than 1000 cal, so that’s quite safe.. Yea..! Just need to drink more water…

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