Food diary: 17.1.17 – update on 13.3.2017


I’ve actually gone through 2 NMCs. The second one I’ve not followed as strictly – after my father’s passing on 12.2.2017, the motivation just isn’t there…

But surprisingly, I still lose weight..!! So there, once you’ve gotten used to the lower food intake, you’ll be fine. The urge to just eat anything just isn’t there anymore. Through 2 NMCs I’ve lost just about 2 kgs. That’s old age for you..!! But the good news is, my body’s reshaped and most importantly, my clothes fit better than before.

So, I’m just going to continue with the program, at my own pace & just see where I’ll end up. Better health & better quality of life..!!? That’s the goal..!!


Am Shake + 1 boiled egg

snack & lunch – sayur tempe/kacang with ikan bilis & minced chicken

sanck pm – 1 boiled egg

Dinner – 1/2 pita bread kebab
3L plain water


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