Buttercream flowers cake decoration – Next..!!

Got another request from a colleague for a birthday cake for her daughter this weekend. She asked for a red velvet cake, so I thought of taking a short cut & buy one from Secret recipe… Alas, seme red velvet yang ada kat kedai tu dah ditempah rupanya….seme orang lain punyer…

So I baked one..!! Recipes in this blog if you want to try… Siap layering & menyapu topping, terus piped the flowers and here’s the result… Not my best yet… Sememeh tepi kek tu….ngantuk beb… Tapi dalam gambar cantik la jugak…

Asyik upload gambar jer… where’s the Buttercream recipe right? Okay….very simple in fact… There’s soft buttercream & hard buttercream. Soft for the topping & the hard one for the flowers…But kat Mesia nih, especially musim panas nih, I just use hard buttercream for both…dia cepat lembut in this heat… And also because I have heaty hands – tangan panas…selepas dipegang, buttercream keras pun jadi lembut…

Senang jer…for topping and bunga2 sebiji kek –

500 gram vegetable shortening,
500 gram gula icing (diayak)
satu sudu besar esen vanilla (jernih)

Satukan dan pukul dengan mixer hingga sebati – jangan terlalu lama, bila dah bercampur, stop..

Campurkan jumlah mencukupi dengan pewarna yang berasaskan minyak mengikut tema warna yang dikehendaki dan you can start piping the flowers..!!

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More buttercream flowers – practice do makes perfect..!! @omeiijoi

I decided to make a red velvet cake decorated with buttercream flowers for the Farewell of 3 colleague at the office. This is how it turned out…

Later that day, my sister saw the image uploaded on my facebook & coyly asked for one for her birthday…!! Well I called her daughter, and we arranged to surprise her with the cake 3 days before her actual birthday. She asked for a cheese cake, so I took a short cut & bought a New York cheese cake at Secret recipe as a base & decorated it with buttercream flowers.. I think this is my best work so far…practice does make perfect..!!

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Updates on Korean Buttercream flowers…practice makes perfect?

Well whatever skill that you learned must be practiced to improve & so you won’t forget it.. That’s what I did with the buttercream flowers… Lucky me, a friend was willing to let me make her mother’s birthday cake… So off I went & get all the ingredients to make the cake..

She requested for a red velvet cake as a base & a predominantly red theme for the cake deco..

Here’s the result … I’m proud of it actually. I also found that my style of flowers will not be the perfect, clean flowers of my teacher or other accomplished bakers, but it’s always going to be the perfectly imperfect flowers closer to nature… I like it… & very happy with the results..

The next day, my sister requested one for herself, well she invited relatives to the house for some laksa Johor & wanted a cake as well. I still have a layer of red velvet – I only make 3 layers for my friend’s cake, 4 would be too high with flowers on top for the cake box. So I bake a layer of carrot cake – easiest to bake in my opinion & have two different tasting layers of cake. It turned out to be a good combination too, tasted great..!! Here’s the result after decorating it with buttercream flowers…

  Visit my Ig for more images @omeiijoi

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Korean Buttercream Flowers – can’t believe I can do it..!!

One of the cooking blog that I followed is azlitamasammanis. Love her recipes and her photos..!! Makes you drool over the dishes dan cakes on display.

Her cake decorations are awesome..!! Fondant figurines and what I really love to look at – buttercream flowers wreaths over her cakes.!!

She started to give classes late last year and I decided to enrol for the 6th March class. Jauh tu…from Putrajaya to JB..!! My sister, niece and grand niece decided to follow. We managed to window shopped at JPO, and get a taste of kacang pool @ Kacang Pool Haji (near Bomba Larkin) and Ikan Bakar Bawah Tangga @ Stulang Laut on Saturday.


Stayed the night at Ziahless Hotel – a budget hotel nearest to the class which is held at the Starhill Golf Club @ Jalan Kempas, JB.

The class starts at around 8.30am. My sis & nieces spent the day at Legoland – lucky them..!

Anyway, Azlita & her sister in law Aluya conducted the class. It was full of useful tips and hands-on teaching. I luv it..!!! I never made any topping or deco from buttercream before, let alone all those beautiful flowers..!

Well, my creations was not perfect, being a first timer among bakers, but heyy, real flowers are not perfect either ya..😛

Once we got all the flowers assembled on the cake – wallah..!! Soo… Beautiful..!!  Thank you azlitamasammanis..!!! I might come down to JB again for other classes..!!


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Me’nate Steak

IMG_5257IMG_5258IMG_5264IMG_5259Heyy…..the hubby & I have long wanted to taste wagyu beef which they say is so tender that it melts in your mouth….

So, Me’nate just opened a branch at Bandar Baru Bangi. Location? Well it’s just one shop before Fareeda boutique.

Off we go to have our dinner there. There are other dishes besides steaks. There’s pasta, grilled prawns, lamb dishes, side dishes like coleslaw, starters like mushroom soup & salads, deserts etc.

Good news is – drinks & refills are free if you order steaks..!!

Now. Please be aware that you are required to choose your beef & cut yourself. Each cut of beef is labelled clearly & the price stated for your attention. So, you’re not supposed to be surprised when you get the bill… In other words, make your own calculations la okay….

There’s all kinds of beef & cuts like Angus, Australian & wagyu… The cuts – striploin, sirloin, rib eye, tenderloin etc..

Anyway, we decided on a starter of mushroom soup with garlic bread & coleslaw on the side. 2 steaks – wagyu striploin…medium well.

Taste? It really is tender … Kinda melts in your mouth …. I have a tooth problem & usually eating beef would be painful. But, I didn’t feel any pain at all – that’s how tender it is..!!! Taste really good too..!!

Got a little shocked at first when I got the bill, but then, for a wagyu beef… I supposed it’s expected… 2 steaks, mushroom soup & coleslaw costs us RM552.00.

Cukup la merasa dah makan wagyu beef  sekali seumur hidup 😼😬

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Udang Butter Nestum..

Okay, lama dah nak buat ni…baru-baru ni someone shared resepi di FB. Hmmm… Senang jer, like udang butter susu, but just tukar susu kepada nestum. Buat last nite & this morning utk a friend…

I simplified the recipe…lebih ringkas & cepat nak buat…

You’ll need –

* udang yang dibersihkan dan di buang urat;

* Putih telur

* tepung (I use tepung goreng serbaguna tu…boleh juga guna tepung tempura);

* cili api / cili merah;

* daun kari;

* butter ;

* nestum 3 in 1

* sedikit gula


* udang yg telah bersih Gaul dengan Putih telur, lepas tu salutkan dengan tepung serba guna & goreng garing – ketepikan.

* gaulkan nestum 3 in 1 dengan sedikit gula. 

* cair kan butter, masukkan cili potong & daun kari; 

* masukkan campuran nestum tadi & Gaul rata,

* masukkan udang yg digoreng tadi & Gaul sebati dgn nestum – boleh padamkan api masa ni….

* angkat & hidang segera. Boleh makan dengan nasi atau begitu saja..


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Simple home cooked meal…

Lama tak menulis di blog nih… Sejak oven rosak middle of last year jadi malas….bukan saja malas nak menulis, nak masak pon malas…😬

Tu di KB, now new year, new job di Putrajaya….balik dok kampung rumah Abah…. Dah mula baking guna oven yg ada di rumah tu…. 

But today bukan nak ckp pasal baking….. Just sharing about places to eat out for lunch near Putrajaya…

Tak jauh sebenarnya, di Kg Jenderam Hulu -namanya Ummiza cafe… It’s a family restaurant – by that I mean it’s run by family members, the cook, the waiters…… I think seme family.

The food variety jugak, yg penting memang selera kita, tak rasa mcm Indonesian cooking yer – hehe, no offence, but bila cook asal dari seberang sikits ebanyak akan ada rasa seberang juga dlm masakan tu kan?

Food here tastes just like my sister’s cooking at home…. So kene la selera walaupun simple kangkung, hati Ayam goreng tepung or ikan goreng berlada…

Tempat pun cantik…. Check it out guys… 


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